Physically prevents the wrong fuel being put into a diesel vehicle

Misfuelling Facts

According to the RAA, there are up to 7,500 misfuelling incidents occurring every year in Australia, costing Australian motorists $10.2 million.

On average the repair bills cost $468.00, as long as the vehicle has not been started, whilst repair bills of up to $17,000.00 have not been unheard of.

With the increasing popularity of Diesel Vehicles, it is interesting to note that according to the NRMA, 76% of vehicles that have been misfuelled, have been misfuelled by their owners!

If the engine is started after misfuelling, it can have dire consequences on the engine and fuel system. In most cases the entire fuel system needs to be replaced on the vehicle.

The Benefits

Once fitted to the vehicle, Solo Diesel becomes a permanent guard against misfuelling.

Solo Diesel is a capless device, just insert the fuel nozzle into the aperture for easy and faster refuelling. Solo Diesel has an integrated flap which closes automatically after refuelling.

The Solution

Solo Diesel is a unique, innovative and worldwide patented solution to protect a diesel powered vehicle from being filled with the wrong fuel type.

Solo Diesel is a replacement cap that physically prevents the narrower diameter petrol nozzle from entering into the wider diesel fuel aperture.


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