How does the Cooling System work?

The cooling system is designed to help dissipate the heat which is produced by your engine. This is done by transferring the heat into the air. Another function of the cooling system is to help the engine reach its running temperature as quickly as possible which helps the vehicle run more efficiently which helps to keep the vehicle's emissions to a minimum.

How does a Radiator Cap work?

Non Recovery Radiator Caps

A Non Recovery Radiator Cap basically allows your cooling system to vent to the atmosphere. When the vehicle's cooling system reaches a particular pressure, the Radiator Cap will allow coolant to be released into the atmosphere (or in many cases, the ground).

Recovery Radiator Caps

Recovery Radiator Caps form part of a sealed cooling system. There is a pressure relief valve on the Cap that opens when the cooling system reaches a particular pressure, allowing coolant to flow in and out of the overflow bottle. The Recovery Radiator Cap keeps the cooling system pressurised at all times, helping to prevent air pockets and cavitation.

Should I use a different Pressure Radiator Cap than what is recommended for my Vehicle?

Generally it is not recommended to do so. Changing the pressure of your Radiator Cap will change the boiling point of your coolant, hence changing the operating temperature of your vehicle. Your vehicle is designed to run at a particular temperature from factory and may not run at its optimum if you change the boiling point of your coolant. This could affect your vehicle's economy as well as its emissions.

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